DJ Muldoon workshop in Brighton

On Monday 20th May, DJ Muldoon presents Knowledge Destroys Fear - a hands on workshop at the Electric Studio in Brighton. 

Electric Ambassador DJ, from The Factory Hair Salon in San Diego, is one the world’s most sought after teachers in the industry because of his no fluff approach and his ability to breakdown the what, why, how, and when in haircutting. Believing that ‘Knowledge Destroys Fear’, he is proud to represent the hairdresser as an independent artist.

This is a hands-on class that takes you through what, why, how, when and the “what if?” within the hairdressing craft.

Visual and practical theory is broken down into the simplest way of cutting hair precise and easy. Learn usable salon styles, combined with classic and creative techniques, giving you the knowledge and skill to reach a whole new level in your everyday salon work.

Class Needs: Scissors, Combs, Clips, Water Spray, Tri-Pod

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DJ will also be the guest artist at the next Electric Sessions on Monday 13th May.