Electric USA Education Tour Continues:

Founder Mark Woolley and Electric UK Education Director Steve Robinson both took to the road to visit Electric distributors and salons on the East Coast of America and Chicago.

A whirlwind tour of education, sales presentations, exhibitions and creativity, the team continued to spread the word and passion that is the #ElectricFamily

The Hair Council:

On Monday 16th April, Electric Brighton hosted the Hair and Barber Council Step Up event.

The evening both celebrated the importance of becoming state-registered as a mark of professionalism and promoted a sense of community among registered hairdressers. Five salon and session stylists took up a chair each after hours, to work their magic on one model whilst answering questions, sharing advice and ideas with guests at the event.

Electric Art Team member Sam Oxford was involved presenting a male model on the night.

Mark Woolley was in attendance to welcome guests and run the charity raffle that evening.

The Hike:

Earlier this month, the Electric Hairdressing team enjoyed an open-air adventure in the Sussex’s countryside. The team stepped out from the salon environment to spend time together talking about upcoming projects, ideas and future opportunities for the brand.

The hike involved the Salon Managers, Art Directors and a few members of their Head Office which began at Falmer Court, the new hub for the Electric brand. It was undoubtedly challenging: the Electric team walked for 7 hours and a total of 13 miles. Sharp inclines and fences to climb heightened the sense of true adventure; meaning teamwork was necessary to overcome the most difficult terrains.

The team took a pit stop in a small village in the Sussex countryside where they refuelled and experienced a conference about the year ahead.

Mark Woolley, Founder of Electric, focused upon upcoming product launches, salon targets and plans to add additional services into the salons. He also discussed the art direction that the brand planned to take before announcing plans for the upcoming Summer Sessions party to the team.

Like the sky that day, Electric sees no clouds ahead: the team enjoyed a beautiful day filled with friendship, inspiration and dreams, feeling, even more, the #ElectricFamily than ever.