Electric Hairdressing Founder and Creative Director Mark Woolley graced Chicago, Illinois to put on the very first Electric Session event in the city. 

Mark was joined by DJ Muldoon, of The Factory in San Diego, as they braved the wintry weather to put on an education event to an audience of inspiring salon owners and stylists. 

To an audience of inspiring salon owners and stylists they presented a feminine crop, and an asymmetrical style and the Shag or ’The Shake’ as we call it in the UK!

The event was organised by Sharon Nykaza and took place at the Tobacco Tap Room on Monday 4th February.

Mark said: “I’d like to give a massive thank you to Sharon for organising the event and to everyone who attended. 

“I loved meeting the community of hair stylists and salon owners in Chicago, as well as our great friends Jim and Jaci Bower. It was a pleasure to meet some of you in your salons and we are excited to return for another event.”