Winter Hair Care Tips from the Electric Art Team


Just as the colder temperatures can leave your skin dry, cracked and in need of hydration, did you know that the same issues can affect our hair? From a dry, itchy scalp to static and frizz, there are several noticable effects on our hair during winter.

We sought the expert advice of our Electric Art Team on how to tackle these common winter-related hair issues...

Frizz & Static

Cold and dry air causes the cuticle layer to lift, so moisture is unable to stay locked into the hair shaft. Also, constant changes from cold to warm environments drains moisture out of the hair, leaving it frizzy and causing static.

H²-1 Hydrate Shampoo & H²-2 Hydrate Conditioner offer moisturising formulas to improve the hair fibre and retain optimum hydration in those difficult winter months.

Aimee from our Brighton salon says: “While shampooing your hair try raking through the shampoo instead of scrubbing too much. I find you get a smoother result after.”



Tangles & Split Ends

Exposure to strong winds can create tangles and snags by buffeting the hairs against each other, roughing the cuticle & causing split-ends. P*-4 Preparation Spray has a distilled water-based formula which evens our porosity, reduces static and detangles even the driest hair.

Aimee says: “Leave your conditioner on slightly longer than usual and/or make sure to keep up with at home treatments such as °T-1 Treatment Masque. Apply these on mid-lengths to ends and put on a shower cap for around 10mins. Then, starting at your ends and working up, Tangle Tease the treatment though, then rinse.“


Winter styling doesn't mean just throwing on a wooly hat; as long as you've got the right tools.

Aimee says: “°C-6 Cloudburst Mousse has been great for me going into this winter period as it contains avocado oil, which helps to keep your hair hydrated. It also works well on all hair types, curly or straight I use it for either style.”

Lara, from the Electric Art Team, says: “My go-to for winter-proofing is °C-2 Smoothing Cream as it offers heat protection up to 230° degrees to protect your locks from all the heat styling we need to do at this time of year.

Seal with °C-7 e.spray - a weightless, invisible hold hairspray that allows the hair to still move while lasting way longer than off the shelf hairsprays.”


Do you have any other winter-related hair issues? Get in touch by sending us a message or on Instagram or Facebook, and the experts in the Electric Art Team will be happy to help!