For our first edition of our Q & A with Mark Woolley, we have gathered a selection of questions that you have submitted via the Electric website.


1. I have really thin hair, what shall I ask for when I next go to the salon?  (Alice - Notting Hill)  

The thing about fine hair is it’s all about not coating the hair with heavy products. We use and love Electric Preparation Spray in the salons. It’s a great leave in conditioner and reconstructor that leaves the hair really healthy. The best thing about it, all of the residue evaporates so it doesn’t leave weight on the hair.

There are lots of things you can do with fine hair in the salon, when you cut it, it’s always best if the ends of the hair are cut really blunt to maximise the thickness. Things like razor cutting are not great for fine hair as they leave the ends wispy.


2. What is the strangest thing a client has ever asked you for?  (Zoe - Crouch End)

Probably a three-course meal to be cooked while she’s having her hair cut and coloured! Clients ask for strange things all the time, especially to do with their hair. I think it’s all about the hairdresser and client having a relationship where they both understand each other, and the hairdresser is able to give advice based on what they know about the client and their lifestyle. Also, the client knowing what they can get from a hairdresser as well, and that should be good advice and lots of ideas all the time.


3. How did you first start making Electric Products?  (Angela - Glasgow)

I set out to make products around 12 years ago now. I was working a lot as a session hairdresser on shoots and film sets and there were certain products that didn’t evaporate or weren’t light enough on the hair. So, the first idea was to set out and make products that were lightweight and didn’t weigh the hair down. I found that I really ended up getting the bug for it and loved the process of developing a formula and getting it to work on the hair. 12 years later we have a full range of Electric products and it is definitely a large part of our lives now.


4. What would you be if you weren’t a hair stylist?  (Joe - Guildford)

Many things! As Electric has grown, I feel like my job is many things sometimes! Definitely something creative - I like art, I like music, but I also love working with people. So, being involved with Electric is probably my perfect job – so I’m quite happy doing that! 


5. Which product do you use the most on clients?  (Helen - Brighton)

The great thing about Electric products is that you can use them all together. Preparation Spray probably goes on everybody, whether I’m on-set, in the salon, or presenting an education seminar, that is the product that goes on everybody’s hair. 

If I’m working in the salon, I often use Prep Spray as I’m cutting, I normally use Smoothing Cream as well, especially on curly hair, I add that on whilst I’m cutting. I always finish with Rose Serum. I quite often use e.Spray as well, our hairspray that is non-sticky so the hair still moves properly. I find that I can put that on clients that are not normally people that would have hairspray. 


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